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In the event of system errors or downtime, money is lost for every minute. The Zentech IT team is dedicated to keeping our clients’ users active and minimizing downtime. Professional IT Support is key in keeping your company running efficiently

From PC to Server to Mobile devices to Networks to Email to Websites and Cloud Services – we handle it all.

We can be your entire IT department or you can choose for us to handle the parts of your infrastructure to free up your IT teams.

For professional and trusted IT Support

Contact the ZenTech IT Solutions team for a comprehensive solution now.

    ZenTech’s Western and Qatari based teams consist of multi-national IT professionals who have built successful business relationships with Qatari companies throughout the past 7 years. Our team of experts have more than 15 years of experience in working with clients worldwide.


    15th Floor, Commercial Bank Plaza, Doha


    +974 4452 8223