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If you still don’t have a website for your company in this digital age, you will get left behind. That being said, statistics have proven that visitors take 3 seconds to decide if they will find what they’re looking for, once on your landing page. Therefore it is of utmost importance to have a professionally designed website that is accessible via any device.

We offer Responsive Website Design which means your website layout responds to the dimensions of the device used to visit your website, while still displaying beautifully and being user-friendly.

Our responsive website design services include hosting, email services, on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google indexing, XML Sitemaps, online shops, functional or informative website design, one pager website design, dedicated back-end maintenance to minimize security risks and expertly designed web elements that make your site enjoyable to view and explore.

In addition we do customised E-Commerce services to maximize your company sales and your customer satisfaction.

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    ZenTech’s Western and Qatari based teams consist of multi-national IT professionals who have built successful business relationships with Qatari companies throughout the past 7 years. Our team of experts have more than 15 years of experience in working with clients worldwide.


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